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We live an an era where we often confuse personal ambition with divine inspiration, fail to see the dysfunction behind most drivenness, and label people as bad instead of broken. Fortunately, there are ministries that have the unique ability to help people see beneath the surface and deal with the root of our pain and brokenness.  Living Waters Ministries is one of those ministries. It is an overflowing stream of hope and healing for the soul. If you are ready for and serious about wholeness and healing I highly recommend them.

Dr. Dharius Daniels
Lead Pastor - Kingdom Church

Many pastors across our land today find themselves weary and burdened down by the heavy weight of ministry.  Many of these pastors and leaders are in burn-out and don’t even know it. This is what a Sabbaths Rest is all about. It is a set apart time and place where pastors, leaders and their spouses can rest and be rejuvenated.

As ministry leaders themselves, Pastors Lee and Denise understand the toll that life can take on the families who have been called to God's work. We want to give you and your spouse a safe environment and personal attention you need through these retreats.  We call these Retreats, A Sabbaths Rest..

We see a great and pressing need for a Sabbath Rest for pastors and leaders of our day.  Living Waters ministry is committed to providing a "Safe Place” where pastors and their wives can find rest in a safe and confidential environment. The call of God is for pastors to minister to their flocks out of wholeness instead of weariness and woundedness..

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For More Information visit www.asabbathrest.com or contact the Living Waters office.

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