"I walked in hurting and broken and left on a path to new life. Through god using this ministry, I have found my true identity”

"I came to Living Waters literally feeling myself dying on the inside and believing that this was my only hope. I was broken and hurting and felt pain I never knew existed. Living Waters provided a safe place that I could open up and be completely honest about myself. As I faced the pain of my past, I was loved unconditionally. I found Truth that set me free. I came to Living Waters to receive healing, and it came from facing the reality of who I really was and allowing Jesus to transform me into a NEW person. I walked in hurting and broken and left on a path to new life. Through God using this ministry, I have found my true identity and am now living my life out of purpose and not out of longing or need."

AG- South Carolina

"The Living Waters Retreat was enlightening and refreshing. The staff was amazing. I was able to acknowledge two painful events from my childhood that had taken root. I was able to trace those experiences to addictions and why I am controlling. I thank God for Lee, Denise and April. They are God sent to help set His people free."

JD - North Carolina

"Healing the Heart Retreat has saved my life! I started experiencing depression and anxiety. I would make comments like, 'I see why people divorce for no reason.' or 'I see why women kill their children.' I had my mind set that after this retreat I would fill the prescription given to me by my doctor. Now I know all I needed was the knowledge of God and to never lean on my own understanding. I am healed! Through Jesus' love through this ministry, I am healed."

SB - South Carolina

"Thank you so much for offering a place of refuge for those that are hurting. I have found such peace in the midst of my challenges upon arriving. Each night experiencing a greater depth of peace and closure. My heart is light and full of joy from the blessings I have received and the victory of a restored family to come. I appreciate your family, the staff, and ministry more than you could ever know."

MR - Maryland

"This weekend has opened my eyes to the depth of healing that needs to occur in my life because now I see the thread connections of events and pain caused by events that have derailed my life. I now have tools and am encouraged to pursue my sanctification with the Holy Spirit's help to become the woman God created me to be. I've met people on this same journey who will impact the plan God has for my life. I pray Abba Father will continue to bless and strengthen this ministry."

LC - Virginia

"God is so awesome! He meets you right where you are; no matter the situation or condition. I suffered depression, apathy, and spiritual death/dying three months before coming to this retreat. In three days, over the course of this retreat, I have literally been resurrected; I now know true FREEDOM in Christ! I really AM a new creature in Him! Praise be to God for using Living Waters Ministry! This is a life changing experience!!"

PF - South Carolina

"This has been a great teaching providing a pathway to deal with day to day hurts and anger so that I can get forgiveness and healing. I'm excited that it can be a breakthrough my wife has been looking for, total healing. I pray that my daughter will take away tools that will help her as she grows and matures in the Lord. My family needs this teaching to breakthrough for total healing. Thank you, your love and sacrifice; and your obedience to the Lord to share your life with us."

DR - South Carolina

"Thank you so much for your teaching about forgiveness. I've been on a very long journey and this has been the very best teaching I have ever received. For the first time, I'm looking forward to complete freedom from the prison of my heart."

GR - North Carolina

"I was truly blessed this weekend. My life will never be the same. No more stony heart! I thank God for Lee and Denise Boggs."

LT - North Carolina

"My experience was life changing. I've gone 37 years with pain trapped inside that only God could heal me from. Today I feel so revived, so enlightened and I'm very grateful for the ministry that God destined for me to come and be a witness to how God changes lives at Living Waters Ministry."

CB - North Carolina

"I knew I had problems, but I didn't know why.  Now I realize the roots of my problems.  I truly believe that now I am on the way to recovery."

WO - North Carolina

"Thank you for keeping it in small groups so you cannot hide.  It opened my eyes to why I am so messed up and gave me the tools to live a free, healthy, whole, and abundant life. Thank you for creating a "safe place"!!!"

PH - South Carolina

"I'm on the way to a new life!"

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