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  • Breaking Free from Sickness & Disease

    Denise Boggs believes that when God's Word is declared by faith, His Word will not return void. She has a deep hunger for the Word of God and has studied and researched what He has to say about healing. In this book you will discover how God has placed everything in His Word that you need to be set free from sickness and disease.

  • The 21-Day Journey: Prayers that Cleanse the Heart

    God wants us to come before Him with clean hands and a pure heart on a daily basis. Sin breaks fellowship with God. To restore this fellowship and hear Him clearly again, we must acknowledge and confess sin in our lives. The prayers of repentance in this booklet will cleanse and purify your heart. All prayers are taken from Scripture and are powerful keys to breaking the bondage caused by sin in our life.

  • Restoring the Family

    A broken family is certainly not a blessing. To get to the root of divorce, separation, and broken apart families we must look at generational iniquities. Generational iniquities are the behaviors patterns that have been passed down from the previous generation. A generational iniquity can be passed from one generation to another without a second thought of the consequences. When the iniquity is identified and dealt with a family can be healed and completely restored.

  • Healing for Co-dependency

    Co-dependent relationships are set up in relationships where one or both people have unmet emotional needs from childhood. When we find a person that begins to fill one of our unmet needs; it feels right. We were created for relationships, yet there is a line where a relationship can cross from healthy to unhealthy; from balanced to co-dependent. Any codependent relationship is a trap. Why? Because neither of the two people in the relationship are getting what they need. They are both unhappy.

    In this booklet, Healing for Co-dependency, you will learn how to deal with unhealthy codependent relationships.


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