Our Team

The vision that the Lord gave us over 30 years ago is being fulfilled and continues to unfold. Living Waters has become an international ministry touching the lives of thousands of people in the United States and around the world. We plan to keep running with this vision of seeing Hearts Healed and Families Restored. This year we will be increasing our ministry by offering more retreats each month and we have expanded our team so that we can minister to the masses of hurting people. Each person on our team has experienced the ministry of Living Waters and has been certified to host and teach at retreats.
The following retreat dates will be primarily hosted by one or more of our certified team members:
None currently scheduled…
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William Boggs

It is William’s passion to carry the message of the healing power of Jesus. He desires to see a generation of people, young and old, have their hearts healed and be awakened from the Spiritual coma many find themselves in. No matter what stage of life you are currently in, God has a purpose for you. If you want to find that purpose, you will truly benefit from William’s testimony and also find a miracle only God could have orchestrated…

William Boggs with his wife Mariah and their child, Elizabeth Grace.

Pastors Michael and Rachel Hyland

In March of 2014 Michael and Rachel Hyland experienced a Living Waters Ministry Marriage Retreat. Their lives were so impacted with the truth they heard that they became students of the Living Waters teachings. They began to look for every opportunity to shadow and serve so that they could walk out their own personal healing and then become equipped to share these life-changing principles with others…

Pastors Michael and Rachel Hyland

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