Our retreats are built on the foundational truths taught during the Healing the Heart retreat and classes. All retreats provide a safe place to help you walk through grieving losses in your life, healing from the pain of unmet emotional needs, and removing the blocks in your life that keep you from moving forward. These and other teachings will help you to work through your present relationship difficulties, or difficulties in your life in general. The retreats we currently offer include Healing the Heart, Marriage Retreat, Men's Retreat, Esther I and II and Pastors Only Retreat. For more information on a specific retreat, select the retreat from the top menu of our website.

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Retreat Dates for 2019- 2020

January 17-19 ... (Esther II Retreat; must have attended Esther I)

January 24-26 ... (Healing the Heart)

February 7-9 ... (Marriage Retreat)

February 21-23 ... (Healing the Heart)

March 6-8 ... (Pursuing Purpose Retreat)

March 13-15 ... (Healing the Heart)

March 20-22... (Men of Valor Retreat)

March 26-28... (Pastor's Only Retreat)

April 3-5... (Healing the Heart)

April 17-19... (Esther I Retreat)

April 24-26...(Healing the Heart with Rachel & Michael Hyland)

June 12-14... (Healing the Heart)

June 26-28... (Marriage Retreat)

July 10-12... (Healing the Heart)

July 24-26... (Healing the Heart)

August 7-9... (Healing the Heart)

August 21-23... (Healing the Heart)

September 11-13... (Healing the Heart)

September 25-27... (Esther I Retreat)

October 9-11... (Healing the Heart)

October 23-25... ( Men of Valor Retreat)

November 6-8... (Healing the Heart)

November 20-22... (Marriage Retreat)

March 20-22 ... (Men of Valor Men's Retreat)

March 26-28... (Pastor's Only Retreat)

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