Ladies, do you long to connect with God on a deeper level? Do you know He has a great purpose for you, but you can't figure out what it is?

Queen Esther felt the same way as she was called into the kingdom for preparation to meet the king. Through her purification process, she came to know herself, which prepared her to become a queen. This purification process is the progression that follows the healing of your heart. If you have never experienced a retreat at Living Waters before, we ask that you start with the Healing the Heart Retreat. The Esther Purification Retreat's teachings are established through the progression of hearing the teachings in the Healing the Heart Retreat.

This retreat will feature organic and cleansing meals, teaching and ministry sessions on topics such as releasing toxic thoughts and how it affects your body, and Esther's beauty purification treatments as described in Scripture.

The Esther Purification Retreat focuses on how to cleanse your body, soul and spirit from the damaging effects of years of pain in your heart so you can walk confidently in your TRUE identity.

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