Living Waters Marriage Retreats are for couples who need healing for their marriage, whether the hurt is current or an unhealed wound from the past. During this retreat, we will track present problems within the marriage back to the root issues that each one struggles with.

To get the full benefit of the Marriage Retreat, we suggest that the couple attend a Healing the Heart Retreat first. It is during this retreat that the root issues are uncovered on an individual basis. The couple can attend the Healing the Heart Retreat together or at separate times.

The Healing the Heart Retreat begins the healing process on an individual basis and prepares the couple to come together at the Marriage Retreat with truth and grace for one another. As deep healing takes place, each one’s heart is opened up to allow the love of God to flow freely through them so that lasting change takes place in the marriage.

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Marriage Retreat Dates 2018

November 16 - 18

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4803 Old Vashti Rd. • Hiddenite, NC 28636