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William Boggs

This journey is not just for you to "ooh" and "ahh" over. I want each of you to have an open mind as you read my testimony and learn some of the lessons I have learned. No matter what stage of life you are currently in, God has a purpose for you. If you want to find God's purpose for your life, you will truly benefit from my testimony. Not only will you benefit, but you will also hear of a miracle that only God could have orchestrated.

My story is about an experience that not many people face. Those people who do face what I experienced may not be as blessed as I was. I can truly say that God has His hand on my life. No one saw it coming and no one was prepared. Not only was I in an accident that affected me physically, but the very core of my spiritual life was turned upside down.

I guess one's life is changed when he wakes up physically and mentally handicapped with his body paralyzed. I realized something was wrong when I opened my right eye and saw the typical white walls of a hospital as a background with doctors and nurses pacing back and forth. I felt so helpless since I couldn't say a single word to figure out why I was there without anybody I knew. I thought, "Why did my family leave me?" I was put through a white tunnel, with lights flashing all around me as the cylinder around my head spun. Later, I learned that this was a CAT scan inspecting the condition of my brain injury.

My memory before this was riding in our Isuzu Rodeo asking my mom if I could read Rick Warren's "Purpose Driven Life" straight through and not take the suggested forty days. I was anxious to find my purpose and she replied, "Yes, go ahead." However, within five minutes we were hit by an eighteen-wheeler. Those next forty days that I should have been seeking my purpose turned out to be a lot different than expected! I guess I had asked this about the time we pulled off the highway to a fruit stand. It was rainy, dark, and windy; visibility was poor. My sister looked both ways and looked up to see a truck driver motion her out. That single hand motion of the truck driver motioning us to cross the road nearly cost our lives, and definitely changed them forever.

We pulled out and before we could brace ourselves, our vehicle was smashed, t-boned right behind where I was sitting. Instead of revealing my purpose through Rick Warren's book, God chose a different route. I plunged head first into a forty day coma. I say head first, because my head, which was the main cause of the coma, had suffered a severe traumatic brain injury (TBI).

After the paramedics did an emergency tracheotomy on me, I was airlifted to receive further medical treatment. The helicopter took off, heading for the hospital in Gainesville, Florida, but a storm came up out of nowhere and forced the helicopter to go to Shands Hospital in Jacksonville, Florida. This was a miracle in itself because Shands was considered the best Trauma Center in the Southeast and the only hospital that at the time had the ability to place a bolt in my brain to remove all the fluid.

Today, as I look back, I believe God immediately moved the storm into the helicopter's path as soon as my mother started praying and out of faith called others to pray.

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